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We proudly present another of the great bands of this years Femme Rebellion Fest.

We are so happy that the fabulous noise-punk band KVYLE can make all the way from HongKong to us! After they have played as a duo for a long time, at Femme Rebellion Fest they will play their debut as a trio. We are thrilled! :-)

And for us to be able to pay their flights, don’t forget to support us at startnext ;-)

See you in May 17th- 20th!

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  • femmerebellion

The Guilt!

We are very happy to announce that fabulous The Guilt from Sweden will play two shows at this years Femme Rebellion Fest! In Hamburg and Hannover there will be playing an equally fabulous surprise band instead of The Guilt, you'll see ;-)

Besides: our crowdfunding campaign is still online. For only 6 more days, you have the chance to support us at startnext. Help us make this real!

(Foto by Camilly Bergvall)

  • femmerebellion

... and growing and we love it! In Hannover, this years Femme Rebellion Fest will be hosted for the first time by lovely Renate at her wonderful bar Nordstadtbraut. We are very happy and excited about it! :-)

So, for Femme Rebellion Fest to happen as planned, don’t forget to support us at ;-)

See you at Femme Rebellion Fest #6 - May 17th- 20th! (In Hannover it is May 18th.)

Foto: Michael Wallmüller

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