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How wonderful is that! We have found new friends with the people of Solibus e.V., that for the first time will carry this years' Femme Rebellion Fest from town to town with us. We are so much looking forward to the tour together!

We think this solidarity bus is really a great thing. Have a look at their website. They have just bought another bus "as part of a political and social support structure that facilitates community mobility and participation in activities in Germany and other European countries" and so they definitely do need a lot of donations!

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  • femmerebellion

To the countryside. We are so happy that this years Femme Rebellion Fest for the first time will be taking place in Kalbe (Milde) in Saxony-Anhalt! There our friends will welcome us on wednesday 25th of May and will make sure that the fire of Femme Rebellion will spread even further. Yeeeeah! :-)

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  • femmerebellion

WOW!! Thanks to our community - thanks to YOU - we reached our first funding goal! It is only some days that we run our crowdfunding campaign and we already got a lot of support. By this we can afford the costs for the posters and leaflets. Thank you sooo much!

Now we can try to get the money for the travel expenses. So don't hesitate to support us even more ;-)

Spread the word and go visit the site of our campaign.

Together we can make this real!

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